Friday, August 23, 2013

The Greatest Teacher in all Japan

Just recently I got around to watching one of my favorite animes. This anime is about an ex-biker gang leader who became a teacher. Some of you may know that the anime I am talking about is GTO or Great Teacher Onizuka.

As I mentioned above the anime is about Eikichi Onizuka, a ex-biker gang leader. For someone who was once a delinquent, school was probably the last place he'd end up. Despite very little social grace and stunningly low intelligence, he manages to work his way through college and try out teaching (just so he could have a chance at high school girls).

Anyway, the series follows his adventures in becoming the greatest teacher in all Japan. What he lacks as a traditional teacher, he makes up for as a friend. Though he is not very capable at teaching book smarts, his life lessons work miracles in the lives of the children he teaches.

In all this was a great series. While the anime did not nearly cover as much as the manga, it does follow the manga faithfully. Despite some of the outrageous, nonsensical antics of Onizuka at times, you do get a sense of value in listening to his lessons.

If you have the budget (or some way to watch this series), I do think this is one that is very enjoyable. Give it a chance, and maybe you'll wish you had a teacher like this "Greatest Teacher in all Japan!"
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