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Issue #24

November 28, 2013

North Republic Industries

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I didn't know what to put here, but I'm looking for it.

Well with the Midterm elections coming up soon we thought it a good time to talk about our political parties.

First up is the Republican Party who in the General Elections was able to get a Majority in the Senate and no one anywhere else, but this resulted in them once again being a heavy hitter in the political world, not to mention that they've been around for a while, but it seems that this once stronghold of Conservatives is now starting to turn to the left more than ever. Why you ask? I'll give you my evidence and reasoning the best I can here. First the Republican Party has for a long time been against a new constitution and new formatting in the constitution and against a new flag. Holding true to our roots, however this has started to change as they begin to work directly with what is remaining of the Left parties, working with them to get what they the Republican Party was once opposed to, something that most of the left parties now what. So we can now seem them taking parts of the Left platform as their own, and working on it. There new slogan is now even "New Direction. New Vision." Now of course you might say, a lot of people say this even Right parties. True, but when they have been working so closely with the left on a left issue then it does raise an eyebrow.

So of course this could all be a big conspiracy running around in my brain, or real. We do all know how I like my conspiracies.

Next Imperial Democratic Party has also been getting much stronger than it has been in recent time, they hold three seats in the Senate including the Speaker's chair and one seat in the Cabinet making for a stronger party than it has been in a long while. Holding the Centre-right together.

We also see the near end of the Free Democratic Party and the Progressive Union Party, both Left and Centre-Left parties that have for sometime now seen lot's of inactivity and fall in power and in members. Currently the FDP only holds one seat in the senate and that's all and the PUP holds nothing. As left parties start to crumble what will take their place? What will happen? We don't know. But keep an eye out.


Pie, mmmm Pie.

Let our minds be filled with pie as well as our mouths as we begin to talk about business and see how it's been and perhaps going to be.

First is KAR Industries and it's CEO Kevo who have fallen on hard times, however it seems that several people are helping him through his debt which he owed to CTI. Kevo recently took out another loan from the First Regional Bank of Anime to help pay off his other debts. Later people like Hunteiria, Libertarian Washington, and TNR have said that they might help with his debt payments. This seems like a good thing for KAR Industries and its CEO. Then we always have to think if KAR Industries is going to make it through the storm and make lots of profits.

Next let us look at the Paper Industry, a true corner stone of the market. If this Industry starts to waver it gives us an idea of the market as a whole much like the DOW in the Stock Exchange. Well what is happening? Well your vary own The Messenger is doing well having more time to publish but it is still has been lacking on profits and sales but it does still have a good fan base. We also have the new Liberty News which is gathering a fan base but seems to have gathered no sales so far. The Allied Republican, a once strong and stable pillar has been getting cracks and hasn't published an Issue since the first of October. And Imperial Form's papers seem to have a fan base and some profit coming in while publishing a couple of issues. Though overall it seems like the Paper Industry is starting to go down and not looking as good as it could.

Overall many companies aren't doing good, they are lacking and business isn't where is should be. The Stock Exchange hasn't seen much activity as of late and no other businesses have really seen any good profits as it looks like, showing a dip in our Free Market. However there is still one industry that seems to be picking up some, the Banking Industry two of the strongest and perhaps only banks First Regional Bank of Anime and CTI's Bank both have loans that are out. CTI is probably going to be seeing it's loan paid off which will bring profits to the company and FRBA is also looking for a Credit Card payment which will bring some good profit to the company, not to mention that it also gave out a loan of $8,500 which in a while will also bring the company more money. So the banking industry is picking up and will continue to look for new ventures. However some people are worried that what business we do have in this industry will fall and fail with the creation of the Regional Bank but it seems like only time will truly tell if that is the case.

So our businesses and market isn't doing as good as it could, money isn't circulating like it should and companies are making much of any profits and people just are buying not to mention that industries like the Graphics Industry are almost completely dead as well as Gambling and lots of Companies. But there are still ways of helping our economy and helping business like a Chamber of Commerce, creating more estates, people buying, and perhaps businesses coming together to help each other. Only time will tell how our business will go but rest be assured The Messenger is here to stay!


Happy Thanksgiving

Well it's a come that time of the year again where we all gather together and make dishes to share. We have pecan pie, pumpkin pie, lemon pie, sometimes peanut butter pie, turkey, rolls, sweet potatoes, yams, oyster dressing, dressing, duck, green bean casserole, cookies, pop, water, beer, and everything else in-between. We get together with friends and family to be thankful for the year and all that we have, and it's the holiday that signals Christmas. . . wait what?! You mean that's now Halloween? All the radio stations playing Christmas songs, Christmas movies and commercials on TV and now tons of stores are going to be opening for Black Friday on Thanksgiving!? What has the world come to! Well anyways after Thanksgiving we are meet with Black Friday then Cyber Monday which signal the buying season as we all prepare for the best time of the year and start to send out Christmas cards.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Cute :3

With the next generation of consoles at our door step many of us may be wondering what to do? Well first of all you probably shouldn't be trading in your old systems especially not yet as your going to want to keep them to play the new games that will be coming on and to keep on playing those you already have. So what one should you buy? The Wii U of course, since last year the Wii U has greatly improved upon it's flaws and problems and many more games have been and are planned to come out on the Wii U. Not to mention some of the latest bundles that are out for it! Zelda the Wind Waker, Mario, Luigi, etc. All providing for a more enticing deal. The Wii U also is the only next generation console to currently have backwards compatibility as it can play your Wii games. But that's not all it is the cheapest next gen console on the market at only $299.99 and then with the current bundles you can get a free game with that! Making for a mouth watering deal. And By buying a Wii U you'll be showing your support and help for it which will only mean more games and better stuff.

Now why should you wait on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4? Both have a limited amount of games out right now, about 6 or 10 or so take or give, so if you're going to be buying one right now and don't see any good games for it your going to be waiting a while before you can really get into them, not only that but both of these are currently lacking backwards compatibility so it might just be gathering some dust as you wait for some more games to play. Not only that but by waiting you will be allowing the companies more time to fix bugs and other things, who knows maybe even allow backwards compatibility and you will also allow for more games to come out. Now what about the price? Well the PS4 is $399.99 and the Xbox One is $499.99 both are a big chuck of money and much more than the $299.99 Wii U with a bundle. So if you did wait you'd be able to save up some more money and perhaps the consoles might even go down a little.

Ultimately the decision is yours on if you get one or wait or whatever you do but the Wii U does seem like the best deal this holiday season, so you might just want to do a little researching on it before you put it down on your Christmas wish list.


Lewis and Daniel feeling a breeze

Well Lewis and Daniel was walking around his second home the one under a bridge and decided to take out his old culture costume that he wore so long a go. Well he walk walking when Mr. Hoshi, a man who also lives under the bridge but because of his mask we don't know his true identity, but we're looking. When he attacked Lewis and Daniel, probably to get his culture costume so that he would look more like a star instead of a moon. The fight ensued and one of our camera men was able to get a picture that we have shown you above. Well Mr. Hoshi then stole Lewis and Daniel's pants, which seems to be the 4th time, take or give, that Lewis and Daniel's pants have been stolen. Mr. Hoshi then went and danced around and started calling Lewis and Daniel a leach. The conflict continued for another 6 and a half hours until Lewis and Daniel ran away from the police before he got a public indecency charge. We will try to keep you up to take on this conflict and see if we can find out who exactly this Mr. Hoshi is, if you have seen this man before in TAR please contact us through our not so anonyms PM hotline.


Hello, Hello, Hello we are once again back for another addition to my favorite section. Remember that the names of the new ones are links to MyAnimeList were you can find more information, Synopsis, reviews, average score, Voice Actors, and more! Also I would be happy to talk about any series or movie that you might want to discuss. Also I have found out about a new anime site. Once again I shall list the names of those I have done. Also Lewis and Daniel is always happy to talk about anime with you. Or if you need to know some anime sites just ask! This time you will also be getting a Summer time edition! Why because with summer coming round you might just have more time to spend watching anime and reading manga not just short ones either. Also we have a couple new anime watching fans out there. We will keep up with these Summertime Editions for a while, while the summer and anime always stay in our heart. This might just be our last summertime edition sadly enough but I might just keep things the same and spice things up and put a couple new things in here.

Spice and Wolf

Nodame Cantabile

Code Geass

School Rumble

Honey and Clover


Great Teacher Onizuka

Eden of the East

Kimi ni Todoke


Ah My Goddess

Full Metal Panic


Kino's Journey

ef - a tale of memories

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya



One Piece

Guin Saga



Glass Mask (2005)


Cowboy Bebop

Angel Beats!

Usagi Drop

Itazura na Kiss


Ouran High School Host Club

Princess Jellyfish


Hanasaku Iroha

Skip Beat!

Kids on the Slope

Eureka Seven

Death Note

Black Lagoon

One Outs

Princess Tutu

Fullmetal Alchemist

Love Hina


Cross Game

Waiting in the Summer


Sword Art Online

Mirai Nikki (TV)

Crest of the Stars

Attack on Titan

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo


Welcome once again! I guess I don't have too much new to say to you all since the last issue. So I guess I will just get on to it! Also incase you might have wanted to know the last couple of times I've been looking at anime I just recently finished, you know if you wanted to know that... so let's get on to it!

1. Tari Tari --- It's there last year of high school and they want to do things before it's all over. Konatsu member of the Vocal Group, a club, hasn't been able to sing this year because of a mistake she made at a performance and know just turns the sheet music for the piano. When she confronts the Vice Principal about this she is reminded of what happened and how the Vice P. doesn't want her to mess up again and mess up other people. Konatsu decides to quit and form her own club, the Choir Club. That's where the story beings and then other Character's stories come in a little later.

I wasn't very sure about this anime when I started it, I wasn't sure where it was going to go and how good it was actually going to be. So like most anime I gave it the one episode. Well that leads to another and another and soon I just decided to finish it, and boy was it better than I would have really thought. The story is simple, nothing mind blowing because it is a Slice of Life anime, and I do love Slice of Life anime. However it is compelling at times and can move you. I can't remember if I ever did tear up but I think I might have once maybe. Not sure. The Characters are good, I liked them for the most. There were a couple of parts where I was like 'Oh, my.' you know embarrassing, but they're good and have pretty good development. One character seems to do a complete 180 in what seems like no time at all, minutes maybe and then it opens up to this like this almost new character. I also liked the three old guys in the band. So development's there, some characters do develop more than others but by the end you can really see the changes. The music is good, I mean it is a music anime, I really liked the three old guy's song and a couple others. Some songs though didn't move me as much, I think. But then again they don't do that many, I think. I mean I didn't count or keep track. The animation was well done, no complaints really.

The ending, hmmm. Tricky, it wasn't terrible but it was also lacking. I maybe would have liked to see this go on and have really seen what happened more with the characters and things. The enjoyment is there and it was enjoyable. In the end and overall it was a good anime, a good experience, it wasn't perfect nor really great but it was good.

I recommended this anime before but didn't go into much like how I've started to. So I'm probably going to not only be looking at old ones I've done but then also other anime that I just didn't just watch. Anyways I also saw this as a good thanksgiving anime to review.

2. Usagi Drop --- It starts off with a dream, of a man and a girl holding hands. Then Daikichi wakes up and finds out that his grandfather has died. So he has to go to his funeral at his Grandfather's house. Well it turns out that his grandfather was a frisky old man and managed to woo up his caretaker and have a baby with her. Rin, a young, sweet, innocent girl who is about 4 or 5 at the start of the anime. Well one of the many issues that the family has to figure out is what will happen with this girl, this illegitimate child. Well, Daikichi has a burst of something and decides that he will take on the girl. That my friends is where it starts.

The story is amazing, a story about the difficulties of raising a child, not only alone but one that is also your aunt. It creates such a wonderful relationship between Rin and Daikichi. The story, a slice of life, like I said I love slice of lifes. It isn't any complicated matter with life or death but it is a story about a Rin and Daikichi and let's not forget all the other characters. Which brings us to the characters, both Daikichi and Rin are both loveable and wonderful characters, especially Rin who is just soo cute! I'd like a daughter like her. Of course there are other characters as well who are also good. There is character development in a good deal we see how Daikichi grows and starts to understand what it means to take care of a child and all this new stuff and Rin who is so shy and quite in the start but soon becomes much more talkative and open with other people. Not to mention the other characters develop as well, the other members of the family start to like Rin much more than they did at the funeral. The music is really good, both the opening and endings are pretty good. Though warning this is one of those anime where you have to stick around and wait for the ending to end as it does have about a minute still left in the episode before it ends, so don't miss out. The Animation of the series was unique and you get used to it and it does fit, it was good.

The ending was, I forget most of it and how I really felt, but it is slice of life and it ends when it really could have gone on much longer like the manga did, which I hear is a little strange in parts. I haven't read it yet. The enjoyment it wonderful, I really enjoyed this anime and have watched it again. Overall this is an awesome anime with some more mature themes as it looks at life. This is also an anime that I'm going to be showing my future wife before we start having kids or maybe before we even get married. So watch up.

3. Kemono no Souja Erin --- The story starts off with Erin in a Touda raising village, Touda being lizard like beasts that are used in the army to help keep other lands out and that helped to bring peace to the current country. Erin lives with her mother, who is a beastinarian, however she is of the mist people a nomadic people that seem to have a bad rap about them and which other people don't really like. It starts off with Erin in this village learning and growing. So beings a story of history, politics, beasts, learning, growing, some love and more.

Gather around the camp fire and let us tell of an ancient fable, is akin to what one person said this story is like and he had a point. It is like they are telling you this story, this fable like you are around a fire. I wasn't really sure of this anime at first, I watched about 2 episodes or so but it didn't seem to be going anywhere or do much so I put it off only to pick it back up and watch a couple of more just because it got such good ratings and I am sure glad I did. The anime is 50 some episodes long but I don't really remember any fillers. The story is great, moving, and a tale of this land and of Erin. I can tell you I got teary eyed several times, maybe even shed a tear or two. It was good, grated there were a couple of points that weren't awesome or didn't feel the same but overall it was all good. The Characters are wonderful, the MC Erin is a sweet girl that wants to learn so much more and become a beastinarian. My favorite was Jones, the honey man. He was a good guy. There are also other good characters along the way. The character development is good, we Erin grow and age through out the 50 episodes, we see life and death, and we see characters become swayed, work and develop. The music is pretty good, both the opening and the ending and the sound track. The animation wasn't your normal stuff but it's well done and you soon grow used to it.

The ending was good, but it lacked in a little parts, but overall was good. When it ended it was sad to see it go, I wanted to stay in this world a bit longer, a unique world that took you on a journey. The enjoyment is there, it is a wonderfully enjoyable series, and you might ask if it is for children and no it isn't really more of more adult show, older child, teens. You know.

It was a good anime, that I might just watch again one day.

Now I thought about what to do with the anime already on my list up there that I haven't talked about like I have these and I thought and I thought and thought and then thought some more about what about anime that maybe wasn't as good and everything in-between when it hit me. I will continue to go back a couple of times here to talk about one to fill my list or something, if I can't find any others. But I will try to go over them like I do here on my Forum blog, the Lewis and Daniel of Anime. I'll go over them there and then other anime and what I thought about it. So keep your eye out for it. I will also be putting other stuff like songs and anything else I want.


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