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---KUROSHITSUJI- Black Butler, it's been a few years since i learnt of the existence of this manga, and anime; though it is only now that i have taken it upon myself to actually check it out. Well, maybe that isn't entirely true, i gave the manga a go a few years back and i was sorely disappointed, dropping it five chapters in. The anime is another issue, the story proving to be more intriguing than i credited it the first time.

The anime follows the story of young Ciel Phantomhive, earl of somewhere, who, following the tragic death of his parents and the circumstances that followed entered a contract with a demon named Sebastian, now butler to the phantomhive house.

Ten episodes in it is safe to say that all those smart, smooth, suave, multi skilled butlers anime is so fond of producing where constructed around the image of Sebastian, who refers to himself as one hell of a butler.

RATING- 3/5, with everything i have seen so far, Black butler isn't great, but has the potential to become so, though the case of the week set up (Ciel is basically Sherlock Holmes) might get tiring.

--- 15 episodes in, i think i am going to give a break, the space sci-fi failing to deliver on the potential it displayed quite early on in the series; something about how goofy they characters can be takes away from the seriousness of the situation, and the comedy still isn't funny, making some of the female characters look rather dumb.

The story tries to prove itself unique, yet there is a hook lacking in the presentation; truth be told the only thing that has been keeping me around are the battles, which, with the crisp animation, are pretty impressive, especially with the unique nature of each mech. But there is more to a good anime than simple action; i need an equally engaging story.

RATING: 3/5, majestic prince is still entertaining, but nothing you would turn to if you are in need of something really electrifying to watch.

---- It's strange that i am only wrapping up with DEVIL SURVIVOR now, for some reason assuming that the ten episodes i had watched where all that there was. If you haven't watched it yet, devil survivor follows the survivor of an apocalyptic event; basically the earth will be consumed by a void unless humanity can prove itself to the god Polaris by defeating six massively powerful demons in the next six days.

The premise had me hooked instantly when i first came across the series, because of how urgent the threat seemed; from episode one you are told that the earth will be destroyed in six days,and that time line means the story is unlikely to waste time with any irrelevant filler material.

The finale wasn't what i expectedand i was disappointed, partially because the protagonist and hero irritated me, with the villain (if you could call him that) endearing himself to me better; as such his defeat didn't sit well with me, and of course there were the convenient power ups granted to the hero just in time to defeat his opponent; a very cheesy tool to use in this day and age.

RATING: 3/5, devil survivor was great until those last four episodes. Sure there were some good elements, but overall it was lacking.

- Let me just say that I LOVE THIS SHOW, and again i actually thought the series was done at episode 11. Finally wrapping up the series i am really hoping we get a sequel, because this finale was, unlike , what i expected, with more crazy antics from dark lord Maou and hero Emily; and of course my favorite, Alciel, Maou's faithful general. This show is a must watch; i probably should have put it at the top.

RATING: 5/5, even knowing that Maou would win, it was still an exciting few minutes watching him take a beating, wondering if he could win with Oba's revival.

That is that for anime, nothing particularly mind blowing outside of Hataraku-maou sama. I need to find more series in the mold of this show.

HIGHLIGHTS: Maou's demon sword.


Seriously how is it that i have more fun reading manga than watching anime each and every week. There is always something memorable happening.

---MOTHER KEEPER- I didn't actually watch mother keeper this week; in fact i finished it a few weeks back; this is me expressing frustration over how long it has been since a new chapter was released. I am starting to think we won't be getting anything else from this manga; no way the mangaka chose to take a break at such a crucial moment.

---GREAT TEACHER ONIZUKA- I do not know where this manga has been all these years; it is the sort of story i have been waiting to read, well maybe not this exactly, but a manga series that is so action packed, humorous while somehow managing to deliver a fairly dramatic story.

GTO follows the story of 22 year old Onizuka; once optimistic about a future filled with money, cigarettes, laziness and girls, Onizuka finds himself despondent, barely finishing college, with no prospects of success in sight. Following a series of events that allow Onizuka a glimpse into the world he craves, he comes to the conclusion that he can achieve his dreams by becoming a teacher; and not just any teacher but the greatest teacher in Japan; and so the hi-jinks commence.

I will not say more; this is a manga series you need to read for yourself.


what kind of week would this be in manga without wowing me as it has time and time again? This Manhwa can literally do no wrong, going form one mind blowing arc to another, and the fact that i have so much of it to read, blazing through entire arcs at one go somehow accentuates my experience. Just when i thought i had seen how awesome the story could get with the DA 5 saga, the manhwa enters the Lukedonia arc, the best arc in Noblese so far, with Raziel and Frankenstein finally returning to the home of the nobles, to face Rai's past and reveal the secrets behind his path as the one that stands above even the nobles.

Seriously, can Noblese really get better after this arc? And that battle of blood between the current Lord and Rai simply epic. And of course no arc would be complete without Frankenstein giving us a glimpse of his Dark spear; i cannot wait to delve deeper into the world of Noblese, especially how someone as powerful as Frankenstein came to call Rai master..

RATING: 5/5, i am really hoping the Manhwa gives Shinwoo and company a bigger role to play in the story.

is on a roll with the Tartaros arc, last week seeing the demon gate Jackal decimate the entire magical council, this week seeing the near destruction of the Rainjinshu by the demon gate Tempest as well as foreshadowing the clash with Laxus next week. If Tartaros keeps this up, they might truly turn out to be the greatest villains in fairy tail, even superior to Hades and his Grimoire heart.

RATING: 4/5, i beg you, Hiro, not to disappoint use again.

---BEELZEBUB- , Noblese and are the only three manga (and Manhwa) i am reading right now that simply cannot disappoint; Beelzebub launched into the America arc thisweek, Oga and company heading to Los Angeles while we learn of the seven deadly sins, the seven strongest demons in the underworld, kings in their own right whose kingship is now under Beelzebub the third's rule, six of whom have now fallen into the hands of the Solomon Company.

And it seems like Iris, Beel's mother might be in league with the Solomon Company, because it is only by her power that the company could have acquired the sins. With Beel and Oga heading to confront her, The omens of slaughter preparing to take on Fuji, Takamiya included, Beelzebub is set to deliver one of its strongest arcs yet.


Really its nice to know that, when i am feeling tired and listless, in need of something entertaining to electrify me, Manga and Manhwa exists in the droves to meet the need.

HIGHLIGHTS: Tempest (fairy tail), RK-4, Ragnarok, Regis's fight (Noblese), head teacher suplex, Onizuki's interview (GTO).

Anyway that was my week in anime and manga; what was yours like, and have you read/watched any of these?
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