Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Anime has reentered my life officially

I decided to only watch top tier anime from now on since I don't really have the time to mess around with some sub par story telling or anime with a bad ending. I went on and looked at the top 30 anime tv shows of all time and I realized I have seen over half of them but still plenty of new shows to experience. I choose to watch Great Teacher Onizuka which is a late 90s anime that contains a total of 43 episodes. Its about a former top tier gang member who wants to become a teacher and his main reason for it is to pick up hot young high school girls. Onizuka is a really funny, goofy guy who means well and he uses methods that many teachers would frown upon but they work better than any other method. He is a teacher who wants his students to learn and respect themselves and others but there are always people teachers/students who are trying to get him fired. I have watched 8 episodes and each one has actually made me LOL so hard. Its a lot of fun just to see how Onizuka approaches different situations and how it ends up working for him. From what I read the show keeps the humor going and is a must watch for someone who wants some comedy in their life.

I also want to mention a really bad anime that I watched earlier this year and that is Sword Art Online. Sword Art Online has such an amazing concept of being stuck in a MMO with 10,000 people and if you die in the game you die in real life and the only way you can leave the game is to win. The first 15 episodes are AWESOME but then o my the second half had to exist and everything went to shit. The ending makes no sense and they just throw everyone into another gaming world and its just a whole bunch of stupid crap that should not exist. It is a disgrace to anime honestly. It also has a creepy brother and sister complex and rape vibe at the end. The last fight in the game and the final fight in the real world MAKE NO SENSE AT ALL!HOW CAN A 16 YEAR OLD BOY OVERPOWER A GROWN MAN WHO IS STRIKING YOU DOWN WITH A KNIFE USING TWO HANDS!??!?!! He gets over powered by 1 hand and then chokes out the bad guy with the same fucking hand like wtf its not like his knife just stopped coming down. I'm so done with that shit, I am going to be livid if Attack on Titan pulls some dumb shit like this. Also none of the magic cards looked interesting to me today, maybe tomorrow I'll get more sliver love?!~
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