Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What a good day

I have to say I had a fucking awesome 4th of July. I played 10 games of Magic with my friend today and I reached a perfect level, I truly did ascend. I watched more Great Teacher Onizuka and there is this one episode where the math teacher is trying to get the cute female teacher and the math teacher is SO FUCKING CREEPY! His house has a telescope/camera where he stares the teacher in her house and he can hear all her conversations the fuck. His room is covered in pictures of her like why do people like this exist?! Does he jizz on these pictures or what how could you bring your mom over?! I fucking love anime and all the weird shit it has shown me.

Still today has been an intense magic day we have to look at every single last one of these new magic cards they showed today. The first one is Voracious Wurm for 1G its a 2/2 which enters the battlefield with +1/+1 counters for as much health you got back this turn. I actually like that card a lot! I run white/green so that would work perfectly in a life link type of deck and combine that with savage summoning. Next card is a 1 drop Black card called Tenacious Dead which is a 1/1 that can come back to the battlefield tapped if you pay 2 mana. Its like a worse version of grave crawler but I think its a solid zombie card. Barrage of the Expendables is a 1 drop red enchantment that lets you sacrifice a creature which does 1 damage to target player or creature. I wonder if you can sacrifice your opponents creatures?If you can that is a great card for red. Encroaching wastes is a land that adds 1 mana to your side of the field but if you pay 4 mana you can destroy target land and this card. It can be great but 4 does cost a lot imo. Blue got this card called Rewind which cast 2UU and its an instant that lets you untapped 4 lands and cancel target spell. O WOW I JUST REALIZED HOW FUCKING GOOD THAT IS!!!! I just figured out why the card is called that, I'm slow as shit. Briarpack alapha comes back but I really didn't think it was that good of a card. The other cards look so boring to me besides Verdant Haven which can make a land you control into any control land you want it to be which could work great on a sliver deck but I won't need it if I have that one sliver out. Anyways tomorrow I will sign up for the prerelease and then start studying up on someM14 combos.

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