Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why didn’t anyone force me to watch Hellsing Ultimate before?!

Another usual day in the life of being Anthony. I finished reading Great Teacher Onizuka and I am beyond sad that it had to end. It easily is one of my favorite manga of all time! The last 25 chapters are just so intense and when you reached the last page you get this feeling that this whole entire time you were one of Onizuka's students. I really wished that he was one of my teachers in high school but honestly reading this manga makes up for that, I learned a good amount of lessons from this journey. I'm also glad it ends and not even little thing is tied up because that is how life is not everything will be perfect or completed in a year you just have to leave it up to your imagination. Since I finished reading GTO I decided to watch another top 30 anime on and I choose to watch Hellsing Ultimate. I never watched the original series and I read a review that said just to watch the latest version of it so I completed the first episode and this shit is radical. I always thought vampires were lame and then I watched this, its like trinity blood but WAY better. It is 10 episodes long but each one is 40 minutes plus so more like 20 episodes if you think about it like that. I'll be watching all of Hellsing Ultimate until EVO this weekend! I am REALLY terrible at fighting games but man fighting games are easily the most fun to watch. Street Fighter is easily the greatest game to watch at a pro level with all the whole wide competition. I am excited to watch all the other games like Persona 4 Arena, Mortal Kombat, Injustice and UMVC3. I wish I didn't have to miss some of Saturday's events for my Magic 14 sealed event though o well what if I become a champ?! haha O yea I watched the latest GTAV trailer today and I am super stoke for it! All the features like character stats and a weapon wheel are really going to make the game play enjoyable unlike GTAIV. I know its going to be an amazing game but I don't believe it will beat out The Last of Us for game of the year of game of generation. Anyways back to Hellsing!
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